• Rubbabu Fuzzi Cat
  • Rubbabu Fuzzi Cat
  • Rubbabu Fuzzi Cat

Rubbabu Fuzzi Cat

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Rubbabu Cat - Fuzzi Friends 

The Rubbabu Cat is a 4" toy which feels soft and cozy to touch and hold. With a tactile flocked surface it offers great sensory stimulation. Made from soft natural rubber it's also squishy and squeezable. Safe for babies and toddlers, birth and up. 

What are Rubbabu Toys made of? 

Rubbabu toys are made of pure natural rubber, with no fillers or additives. Natural rubber is the sap of the tree which is drawn from the rubber tree every year without damaging the tree or shortening its life span. It's a natural, sustainable material, non-toxic and it's 100% biodegradable. The paints we use are created inside our factory using pigments bought in America. Curious about the soft velvety surface? Read on 

What makes them so soft and fuzzy? 

Rubbabu's signature texture comes from a process of flocking. In flocking, very thin and small fibres are glued onto an object so that they stick straight out at right angles to the surface. Imagine thousands of these fibres standing very close to each other so that you can only feel their tops. That's what creates the soft velvety surface that is so much fun to touch and squeez! 

Product Safety 

Rubbabu constantly strives to provide safe products, and take that responsibility very seriously. Among other things, Rubbabu products are tested according to international safety standard including EN 71 Part 1,2,3 (Europe), ASTM 963F 16 CFR (USA), CPSIA stipulations for soluble heavy metals, and tests for phthalates. The simple shapes and bright colours are soft and safe for even the youngest children. 

Saftey & Cleaning Instructions 

  • Not a teething toy. Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Brush lightly with a soft brush or surface clean with a damp cloth.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

Note: This is not designed to be a teething product. Adult supervision is required for teething children.


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