Our Story

After Organic started out as an online retailer importing organic apparels and eco friendly products from USA and Europe; cater for newborns to 6 years old. In 2010, we have restructured our primary business to distribution which is mainly eco-friendly baby and children essentials and toys. Our brands include Crayon Rocks, Maple Landmark, Butalia, Rubbabu and Topozoo. We are also agent for Doona, the first carseat stroller in the world.
Since 2014, we have also expanded to offer premiums to corporations as GWP, redemption programs etc.
We are also happy to announce our first in house brand, MOOD. MOOD was founded with the idea of using "colors for your mood" and we started producing watches in 2 styles, digi and digi mini. 

  "Join us on our journey to embrace    


environmental sustainability."






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